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The 2017 season was absolutely amazing! We sold out within 8 weeks of registration being open.  We’re growing fast and have big things in store for your kids.  Registration for 2018 will be in the first few months of 2018.


Why Mini Rugby?

Rugby is more than just a sport. It is a character-forming experience and a lesson in respect, dedication and teamwork. Respect for your colours, respect for the opponent and respect for the referee are all paramount principles to the game. By its very nature, rugby requires players to develop a sense of solidarity, camaraderie and loyalty. These aspects create life-long friendships that are valued by players of all ages and origins. It is widely seen as one of the most inclusive sport as everyone can contribute, whatever their size and skill level. Moreover, rugby requires minimal equipment which makes it accessible to everyone willing to get involved.

“It is through discipline, control and mutual respect that the Spirit of the Game flourishes and, in the context of a Game as physically challenging as Rugby, these are the qualities which forge the fellowship and sense of fair play so essential to the Game’s ongoing success and survival.”
– Principles of the Game, World Rugby

Rugby is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and is sure to continue its growth as it will be included in the next Summer Olympics. It has been played all over the world for more than a century by players of all age. From its origin in the elite schools of England and the Commonwealth to its growing popularity in Asia and the Pacific Islands, rugby is now truly a global community. Canada is part of that great community and has taken part in every Rugby World Cup. It is a competitive team in the two main forms of rugby which are Rugby Union and Rugby Sevens.

See What We Mean – Watch This Video

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